We are not a permit service.  We do not arrange permits for carriers.  The following is for informational purposes only.  We also do not answer permit and escort requirements.  Always read your permits and provisions sheets carefully. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided.

Alaska DOT Ph# 907-365-1200


PERMITS: Alaska oversize permits are valid for three days, but more time may be requested for distance or weather related issues.

OPERATING TIME: Daylight only (one-half hour before sunset to one-half hour after sunset), Monday through Saturday.  10′ wide and up to 16′ high and 85′ long may travel anytime. No Sunday travel.



  • 48′ semi-trailer
  • 75′ overall

but 53′ semi-trailers with no overall length limit are legal on designated highways if kingpin to center of rear group does not exceed 41′.

Overhang: 3′ front, 4′ rear.

Width: 8’6″

Height: 15′

Weight: GVW not specified.

  • Single – 20,000 (8′-1″ min. spacing)*
  • Tandem – 38,000
  • Tridem – 42,000
  • Quad – 50,000

*Note: Spread axle groups cannot carry over about 10,000 pounds per axle in British Columbia.


Length: Depends on route of travel, distance and bridges to be crossed.

Width: Depends on route of travel, distance and bridges to be crossed.

Height: Depends on route of travel, distance and bridges to be crossed.

Weight: 150,000 Gross

  • Single – 30,000
  • Tandem – 56,000
  • Tridem – 70,000
  • Quad – 80,000



  • Over 85′ – 1 escort
  • over 100′ – 2 escorts.


  • Over 10′ rear – 1 escort (can use extended light bar for up to 20′ in lieu of escort)
  • over 35′ – 2 escorts


  • Over 10’– 1 escort
  • over 12′ – 2 escorts
  • over 14′ – minimum of 3 escorts.

Height: Not specified

Weight: When special bridge crossing conditions such as straddling center line are enacted – 2 escorts.

Miscellaneous: Permits not issued for divisible loads.

SIGNS, FLAGS & LIGHTS: “Oversize” signs required on any wide load. Flags are required on overwidth loads/vehicles and on overhangs. Signs or flags are not required for movements that are overweight only

SEASONAL LOAD (WEIGHT) RESTRICTIONS: Spring thaw weight restrictions may restrict weights to 85%, 75%, or even 50% of normal allowed weights during spring thaw conditions. These may be enacted approximately between March and June each year, depending on routes and weather conditions.