We are not a permit service.  We do not arrange permits for carriers.  The following is for informational purposes only.  We also do not answer permit and escort requirements.  Always read your permits and provisions sheets carefully. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided.


Indiana DOT Ph#: 317-615-7200


PERMITS: Indiana oversize permits are valid for fifteen days.

OPERATING TIME: Permitted vehicles up to 110′ in length, 10′ wide, and 13′-6″ high and less than 200,000 pounds are allowed continuous travel seven days a week (24/7). Over 110′ long, 10′ to 14′-4″ wide and up to 15′ in height may travel seven days a week from one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset. Between 14′-4″ and 16′ wide, Monday through Friday from one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset. Over 16′ wide, over 15′ high, or over 200,000 pounds are usually allowed to move 8:30 am – 3:30 pm Monday through Friday, but other provisions may apply. Overweight only loads can travel 24/7.

RESTRICTED TRAVEL: No travel allowed on major holidays and holiday weekends.

TOLL ROAD: Maximum dimensions without a state permit are 12′ wide, 14′-6″ height, length over 65′, 90,000 pounds gross weight. This is for routes/loads using only the toll road. Larger dimensions can run the toll road with the state permit and an extra $50 special permit charge. Weight charges are taken care of on state permit. Loads over 10′ wide are restricted to daylight hours only. 12′ wide loads are allowed to run weekends except certain holidays. Toll charge is by number of axles and miles. A legal weight load, less than 12′ wide, running the toll road from Gate 21 at Portage to the Ohio line is around $30.00. Escort requirements are the same as for other Indiana divided highways.



Length: 53′ semi-trailer and load (including overhang), kingpin to rear axle not to exceed 43′.

Width: 8′-6″

Height: 13′-6″

Weight: 80,000 Gross

  • Single – 20,000
  • Tandem – 34,000
  • Tridem – 51,000


Length: 110′

Width: 16′

Height: 15′


  • Gross Weights
  • 5 Axles* – 108,000
  • 6 Axles* – 120,000*
  • * These depend on spacings


  • Axle Weights
  • Single – 28,000
  • Tandem – 48,000
  • Tridem – 60,000

Loads exceeding these dimensions or weight are considered as super loads.

Applications for over 16′ wide need detailed route survey. Over 15′ height requires a pre-qualified signal contractor/utility bucket truck to accompany load on any non-Interstate routes. Over 17′ high also requires route survey and utility company letter if overhead lines must be moved.




  • Over 110′ – one escort
  • Over 130′ – front and rear Police escorts required


  • On all highways over 12′-4″ – one escort
  • Over 14′-4″ to 17′ on dual lane divided highways – one escort, two escorts on all other roads
  • Greater than 17′ on all roads – front and rear Police escorts required.


  • Over 14′-6″ – one escort with high pole
  • over 15′ also requires utility bucket truck except on Interstate

Weight: Over 200,000 pounds GVW, two escorts.

MISCELLANEOUS: Blades, buckets, etc. must be hauled separately. There is no length exemption for beams and construction materials.

SIGNS, FLAGS & LIGHTS: “Oversize Load” signs are required on all permitted vehicles/loads. Flags (18″ square) are required on oversize movements, one at each corner and one on each side at widest point. Vehicles must travel with low-beam headlights on for all oversize loads.